Sitting. Sleepy. Coffee. Coffee.. Staring..   Flying. Colourful. Beautiful. Follow. Forest. Cottage. Peaceful. Quiet. … Quiet, Quiet, Quiet. RUN! Different. Four, No! Five. Run.. Run! Breathe.. Hush. Breathe, Hush. … AHHH!!!   Sitting. Frown. Coffee. Definitely, Coffee . Advertisements


Coffee. Water. Phone. Pad. Biro. Table. Chair. Buses.   Inside. Coffee. Brew. Lady. Sparkles. Dress. Coat. Black. Fur. Coffee. Frappucino. Cookie. Cream. Sprinkles.   Sad. Blue. Look. Space. Wonder. Ringing. Ring. Ring. Ring. … Beep.   Staring. Dark. London. People. Walking. Running. Laughing. One. Two. Groups.   Coffee. One. Coffee. Ringing. Ringing. Ringing. … Beep.…


Fear. Worry Tardiness. Apathy? Tired. Sleepy. Tears. Cry. Pity. Go. Stop. Wait. Sleep. Bed. Stand. Walk. Run. Reach. Back? Forward! Move. Achieve. Hard Difficult. Probably. Maybe. Definitely. Push. Push. Give. Push! Survive. Fight! Fight. Fight. Love Love. Love. Family. Love .


It was a gift… I think I can’t remember. I can’t remember who gave it to me.  Seems like it’s always been there.  No one from my family and friends recognized it.  It’s either that or they are lying. … It’s horrendous, right? Yes! Definitely creepy.  … I can’t seem to throw it though. I…

Blue and Plaid

She was pushed at the front of the crowd. She landed on her knees in which she immediately stood and brush herself. Ears ringing and visions blurry with embarrassment, a persistent question pierced through her hazy state. “Are you okay?” “Hey, are you okay?” It took her a while to realize that there’s a warm…

M is for magic….

M is for magic. All the letters are, if you put them together properly. You can make magic with them, and dreams, and, I hope even a few surprises… Neil Gaiman, August 2006 Related articles M is for Magic by Neil Gaiman (thebookboozer.wordpress.com)