Two Hundred Years

“I’m flesh and blood but not human.” “That’s it?” asked Tom frowning.  “Yes,” answered the kid with a toothy grin.  Tom looked at the other kid, unbelieving. He narrowed his eyes and said, “That’s not right. How can something be flesh and blood but not human?” …. “Hey! Wait up. Where are we going?” Tom…


Here I am again, staring out of the window, waiting. Everything’s cold and grey and I can’t help but wonder When will spring come.. ? and then, summer.   The sun, I miss it so. How it feels against my skin, So bright, so warm, so alive. How it could blind me with its beauty,…


Once there’s a bag. He’s quite happy and content. All chill sitting on the floor. Comfortable as ever. But this is not his story. Around the same time,  somewhere north, there’s another bag.  Droopy, drench, and all together miserable.  Not her story too. But despite life’s twist and turns, their path wouldn’t cross. Not even…

New Year

And as she wait until the count down, Reflecting upon the year that has been, Nursing a glass of red wine, While everyone around her is wild and cheering. A smile, A glass with a red lipstick mark, Quiet, Empty, And just a faint smell of perfume. Then, Happy New Year.


Sitting. Sleepy. Coffee. Coffee.. Staring..   Flying. Colourful. Beautiful. Follow. Forest. Cottage. Peaceful. Quiet. … Quiet, Quiet, Quiet. RUN! Different. Four, No! Five. Run.. Run! Breathe.. Hush. Breathe, Hush. … AHHH!!!   Sitting. Frown. Coffee. Definitely, Coffee .


Coffee. Water. Phone. Pad. Biro. Table. Chair. Buses.   Inside. Coffee. Brew. Lady. Sparkles. Dress. Coat. Black. Fur. Coffee. Frappucino. Cookie. Cream. Sprinkles.   Sad. Blue. Look. Space. Wonder. Ringing. Ring. Ring. Ring. … Beep.   Staring. Dark. London. People. Walking. Running. Laughing. One. Two. Groups.   Coffee. One. Coffee. Ringing. Ringing. Ringing. … Beep.…


Fear. Worry Tardiness. Apathy? Tired. Sleepy. Tears. Cry. Pity. Go. Stop. Wait. Sleep. Bed. Stand. Walk. Run. Reach. Back? Forward! Move. Achieve. Hard Difficult. Probably. Maybe. Definitely. Push. Push. Give. Push! Survive. Fight! Fight. Fight. Love Love. Love. Family. Love .