Review: The Nutcracker on Ice


*Warning: I have no idea what-so-ever about the complexities of ballet (and ice skating for that matter.) I, on the other hand, appreciates and gets excited over a complicated but superbly executed movements.

The Nutcracker, despite the lack of recognition during it’s premier on 1892 has been one of the well loved and much performed ballet performance, specially around Christmas.

My confession: This was my first time watching it on stage. (Well, on ice to be exact.) And I have to say it was good. But I also feel bothered to say, not that spectacular either. Perhaps because they are on ice? And most of the time was just spent gliding and sliding. Don’t get me wrong. The skaters are good but every time the music would bring this climactic sound, I feel that the action on stage falls short.

I am giving it a 3/5. Everything’s good and colourful but at the end of the night, when we piled out of the theatre, the excitement of watching it slowly evaporates until all I felt was the cold autumn wind seeping through my coat. I brought home a new level of appreciation to Tchaikovsky’s composition though so that’s a big thanks to them.

The Nutcracker on Ice at London Palladium from 26th of October to 3rd of November, 2013.



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