Google Calendar saves the day

I’ve got a meeting with my Executive Director early this afternoon. Nothing special. Just a regular informal chat about what’s been happening so far, what’s the next step, support needed, blah blah.

What I believed struck him most was when I told him that recently, I felt that I’m just an extra unnecessary baggage of the team. Plain and simple: I’m not contributing anything unlike everyone.

He assured me that what I do helps not only the team but him the most. He’s been really, really nice about giving me affirmation. But of course, being stubborn, I tend to hold onto that self-depreciating sentiments. Other people might say other wise but I have already reached my own conclusion about my work activity.

All it took to make me see my own self worth (?), work place wise, was through Google Calendar.


Just a run through of all the activities we had since 2011 to present made me see the huge difference that happened since I took over. Little things but it makes me feel good.



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