Nike Training App and Picture Show Album by Neon Trees


All I can say is Summer is officially over. Last time I checked weather’s 12 Celsius and partly cloudy with a chance of a light rain. One of the many reasons why I’d rather stay and work at home. Of course that is not possible. You see, I work with people. Mostly talking to them (at the office, outside work, at events, your local coffee shop or pubs). Not that I don’t like people but I recognized my need for my own ‘me’ time.

Most of those ‘me’ time are spent reading and writing. Other times, watching  tv series on my own but nowhere in those are activities to strengthened my body. I used to go to gym, until I moved house and just stop altogether. Well, aside from the once a week swimming activity with my friend.

(You might think, “Swimming is exercise! At least you’re doing it once a week! ” Yeah.. if you at least know how to swim! I can’t even do treading. I can manage to go to point A to point B which is what? A meter’s distance from each other, that’s what. My friend’s the better swimmer.)

Then I began using the Nike Training App from my iphone. My sister downloaded this way back but I didn’t get around using it until now. I give it a 4/5 rating. It got different workouts to choose from and from those workouts, varying routines every minute or two so as not to get boring. It can get very intensive which depends on which workout you choose but overall, the progression of each routine is very well thought of.


Right inside the app is an option to choose your workout playlist. So every time you choose a workout, your chosen playlist plays. Mine’s Picture Show Album by Neon Trees.

Anyway, off to imagine new worlds and adventures.

“It’s none of their business that you have to learn to write. Let them think you were born that way. 

– Ernest Hemingway

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