He’d Nothing But His Violin by Mary Kyle Dallas

Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB) is an organization that gives support to blind and partially sighted people in UK. They offer information and advice to anyone with sight loss as well as to help them be integrated in the society. 

Tomorrow, 11th of October, at Waterloo Station from 6am to 11pm is a mass gathering where people of all ages and backgrounds will take part in recording a passage from “Alice and Wonderland”. It’s a mass storytelling event in which the final recording will be available at RNIB’s National Library Service for free. 

Go to Read for RNIB to find more information about their projects and other ways to help. 


Anyway, speaking of doing a reading work for audio books, this is one of the very first ones I did which I loved. 


He’d Nothing But His Violin by Mary Kyle Dallas


He’d nothing but his violin,

I’d nothing but my song

But we were wed when the skies were blue

And summer days were long:

And when we rested by the hedge, 

The robins came and told

How they had dared to woo and win,

When early Spring was cold. 


We sometimes supped on dew-berries,

Or slept among the hay

But oft the farmers’ wives at eve

Came out to hear us play;

The rare old songs, the dear old tunes,-

We could not starve for long

While my man had his violin,

And I my sweet love-song.



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